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  10. Much of the research has been removed to prevent public disparagement of industry, and other aspects of civilization's systems. The research clearly shows that every detrimental human outcome at, behavioral and biophysiological levels, results from incipient deficiency and shaping of these by systemic influences into outcomes that benefit systems in some way. The AMEHSI specification is system which is able to be applied to analyze and improve pervasive health conditions, detrimental behavioral outcomes, less than optimal social or systemic outcomes, as well as any project, program, product, social construct, policy, or process.  It recenters humans individually and together/plurally as priorities in systems, organizations and civilization. The AMEHSI specification shows that Wisdom suggests or may be constituted of the alignment of knowledge, capabilities and innovation with the incipient hopes of humanity and alignment with the incipient impetus for humans to live in community among one-another. The path to finding ones inherent self, requires progressing through those inclination, perspective, associations, and behavior which systems have conjured up within one's biophysiology such that in forgiving oneself, the endeavor to not be susceptible falls away, supplanted by the bending of all human outcomes, beneficial or not, although pervasively the result of systemic influence, all to the incipient shared hope of humanity.


The General Preventative Supplemental Pathway for Any Health Status

Any person whom has Gerontological Status, a Progressed health Condition, or other Health Condition or in General acceptable Health Status should consider following this regimen, while working with a health provider to manage their health status. It is asserted here that the AMEHSI specification includes thousands of pharmacological, allopathic, Ayurvedic, Naturopathic, Eastern, Western, Ancient, radiographic, energy based, mangetic atmospheric, systemic, psychoactive, and other capabilities or perspectives. The analytically critical observations within the specification are intended to prevent outcomes from being attributed to the individuals or groups participating in or experiencing outcomes. Systems produce outcomes and inviduals as well as as groups whom themselves participate in outcomes are enculturated, shaped, queued, stimulated and patterned by systems.


  1. 1 capsule of The Custom Supplement Mix " Major Pathway" From, however, ask to remove melatonin from the capsules to be consumed in the morning
  2. 1 Natures Plus Gold Adult Organic Vitamin
  3. 1 Ultimate Omega 1280 mg Omega-3DHA capsule for Nordic Naturals or other. Make sure that the DHA is higher than the EPA. (If an oncology condition is not exhibited, then obtain the version with +CoQ10)
  4. 1 Algae Omega 715 mg Omega-3 from Nordic Naturals
  5. 1 Tablespoon of "Kidney Stuff" By Golden Standards. Mix into each bag of "Kidney stuff" a half of a 50MG order of Tetrahydrobiopterin from IRC.BIO.
  6. 1 Capsule of S.O.D.3 by Kal. (If an oncology condition is exhibited, ask the health provider if thier is a  cytotoxic therapeutic being used. If so ask if the cytotoxicity is produced by oxidative stress. It is possible to research how a cytotoxic therapy functions by searching pubmed at using the terminology " therapeutic name mechanism of action" or doing the same query on internet search engines. These factors inhibit oxidative stress' toxic byprodducts, so alternate S.O.D.3 use between follow up visits to the health provider to see if it is effecting cytoxic therapy objectives.)
  7. 1 minute of Excercise by laying down and moving legs into the air or raising legs up to as close to stomach in either a laying or standing poisition.
  8. 1 Minute of excercise extending arms forward, pulling them back inward and then extending arms upward.
  9. 3 Minutes of excercise walking in place or standing up and then sitting down.
  10. Keep all of these supplements refrigerated and in containers which have a solid hue or color


  1. 1 capsule of The Custom Supplement Mix " Major Pathway" From, however, ask to remove melatonin from the capsules to be consumed in the morning
  2. 1 Natures Plus Gold Adult Organic Vitamin
  3. 1 Ultimate Omega 1280 mg Omega-3 DHA capsule for Nordic Naturals or other. Make sure that the DHA is higher than the EPA. (If an oncology condition is not exhibited, then obtain the version with +CoQ10)
  4. 1 Algae Omega 715 mg Omega-3 from Nordic Naturals
  5. 1 Tablespoon of "Kidney Stuff" By Golden Standards. Mix into each bag of "Kidney stuff" a half of a 50MG order of Tetrahydrobiopterin from IRC.BIO.
  6. 1 Capsule of S.O.D.3 by Kal. (If an oncology condition is exhibited, ask the health provider if thier is a  cytotoxic therapeutic being used. If so ask if the cytotoxicity is produced by oxidative stress. It is possible to research how a cytotoxic therapy functions by searching pubmed at using the terminology " therapeutic name mechanism of action" or doing the same query on internet search engines. These factors inhibit oxidative stress' toxic byprodducts, so alternate S.O.D.3 use between follow up visits to the health provider to see if it is effecting cytotoxic therapy objectives.)

3 Times a week

  1. Pierce the DHA Capsules, squeeze the oil into the hand, message this into closed eyelids, face, head areas, feet and areas of anatomy or skin exhibiting irritation, or other pathology.

2 Times a week

  1. Prepare a Bath of Warm Water, place the evening regimens ingredients into the bath water, crushing the S.O.D.3 and Natures Plus Vitamin if required to allow distribution in the water. 30 minutes minimum.


  1. Purchase some electromagnetic freuency inhibiting taps, dots, paint or material, or minimally some dark hued tape and some child power outlet protection plugins. Place tape and/or paint on the plugins or use tape directly. Cover every power and communications interface/outlet in homes, offices, or central area where people congregrate.  Plug appliances and device in through the tape by perforating the tape at the plugs.  Place paint, inhibiting devices/dots, or tape on all mobile or wired communcations devices.  Place an inhibiting device or dot on all electronic, electrical, magnetic or microwave emetitting devices in the workplace and dwellings.  Place whole home protection devices near places where electrical and communications infrastructure connect to the home.  Place energy inhibiting dots or devices on windows, particularly those near power and communications infrastructure. If someone is being treated in a health services location, repeat this activity in the care setting and request that this be done, including insulating all electrical or electronic devices, power outlets and communications devices.  Obtain and wear Electromagnetic Energy protective clothing when treating luekemia, lymphoma, oncology, sepsis, and any detrimental health status. These can reduce power consumption by as much as 75%. These also prevent choline supplementation from being perceived as detrimental, because of psychological paradox. Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase from electrical, electromagnetic, microwave and other influence is pervasive contributor to exacerbated pathology, can constitute pathology themselves in this regard, and can enable persent uninterrupted inflammation even when therapeutics/choline/DHA/phospholipid/Omega-3 have been administered.  Electromagnetic, magnetic, microwove and other energy cause persisent inducible nitric oxide synthase are substantial contributers to human pathology and are substantial contributers to complications as well as inadequate response to therapeutics in the care setting.
  2. If exhibiting an active or progressing pathology, filter water to remove Chlorine and Fluorine.  Drink filtered, glass bottled or boxed water, particularly that which  has mineral content re-added. (Chlorine and Sodium are included in some Natural remedies which have been prohibited from public claims of curative capability. The research suggests that Sodium Chlorite is toxic and should only be utilized by health providers in direted approved application, although many remedies are utilized counter to FDA regulations globally. Sodium Chlorites potential homeopathic benefit can be mimicked, without similar toxicity risk,  by carboxylic acids, aldehydes, niacin, and pyruvate, as these circumvent the inhibition of glycolysis' pyruvate metabolism by choline deficiency, P53, impairment or inflammation. However, the carboxylic acids should not be in the form of Amino Acids if there is either renal or hepatic injustry, distress, or indication of Multi Organ Distress Syndrome because Amino Acids can cause an imbalance with Alpha-Keto Acids resulting in production of Alanine which becomes offloaded into circulation to be transformed by hepatic organ into fatty acids or glucose.  These can complicate distressed Carbonate Buffer Systems, overloaded or impaired renal function, overloaded or impaired hepatic function, impaired PH, impaired pulmonary function and at risk Cardiac Function. Inadequate Niacin can direct aldehyde to ethanol, along with directing pyruvate to lactate to similar effect strong Ion balance and contributing to Systemic instability.)
  3. Information. Capsule. Major Pathway is the Custom Supplement Mix Name. is the manufacturer. Request to exclude Melatonin and Conjugated Linoleic Acid from this order for morning consumption. Includes Alpha Lipoic Acid, Betaine Anhydrous, Betaine HCL, Biotin, Choline Bitartrate, Chondroitin, Chromium Polynicotate, Citrulline Malate, CoQ10, Collagen, D-Ribose, DHEA, Fruit Powder, GABA, Inositol, Inositol hexacotinate, L-alpha glycerophosphorylcholine, L-arginine, L-glutathione, L-histidine, L-isoleucine, L-leucine, L-ornithine Hydrochloride, Lemon Balm Rosemarinic Acid, N-acetyl-L-cysteine, Niacin, Noni Fruit, Pantothenic Acid, Phosphatidylserine, Phosphatidylcholine, Thiamin Hydrochloride, Riboflavin, Vanadium, Vegetable Powder, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin Blend, Niacinamide. Request that the choline levels be increased to 250 mg. 
  4. A complete organic amino acid supplement with all 18 amino acids or more with sensitivity to phenylalanine being omitted for phenylketonuria, is recommended. Although grass fed way protein is widely recommended, it is not recommended here because conjugated alpha-lineolic acid supplies the omega-6 pathway to potentiate inflammation and because it stimulates inducible nitric oxide synthase which causes 30 percent of intracellular adipose to be metabolized, induces susceptibility to uncoupled nitric oxide synthase through CA2+ depletion and depletion of l-arginine, and inhibits endothelial/neuronal nitric oxide synthase.  Similarly, if a stage 3 or more advanced renal disease is exibited, then high levels of protein supplementation can cause amino acids to become overly exhibited such that an imbalance with alpha-keto acid is produced, resulting in directing of pyruvate from the glycolysis pathway into circulation where the hepatic organ is required to tranform it into glucose or fatty acids. This can complicate renal disease by overloading the hepatic/renal activity which typically are among the primary susceptibility points in multi organ systemic distress syndrome.  Choline, Betaine/trimethylglycine, DHA, and Kidney stuff are essential in assuring hepatic/renal capacity when any toxic therapeutic, circumstantial loading of beneficial metaoblic factors, or vital being assistance is being provided.
  5. Nucleotides and Ribonucleotides can be of substantial benefit as supplements, particularly if cytotoxic therapeutics are not being utilized.
  6. It is always imperative to suggest that any oncology therapy is incipiently caused by inflammation and tissue attrition resultant of choline/phospholipid/Omega-3/DHA deficiency, potential deficiency of Hyaluronic Acid, persistent exhibition of inducible nitric oxide synthesis and its depletion of L-arginine/CA2+ which inhibits Endothelial/Nueronal nitric oxide synthase, and uncoupling of nitric oxide synthase. Cytotoxic therapeutics pervasively impart detriment because these incipient deficiencies and pathogenic factors are not remediated.  Regeneration of tissue, as well as pulmonary/renal/hepatic/pancreatic/neuronal capicity assurance and protectants, should be included in such therapeutics. Otherwise, continued tissue attrition results decrease in cellular density per micrometer, increasing the gravitational influence upon each cellular entity, induces nitric oxide synthase, increasingly potentiates distress, as well as causes leukocyte synthesis, inflammation, migration and infiltration, as well as confuses biophysiology to potentiate shock.

The AMEHSI Organization Provides Information About Empirical Research in Systems of Systems Analysis

At this instance, as of July 16, 2016, the AMEHSI Specification Literature in its coverage of human events and health research thus far, suggest compellingly and somewhat conclusively that human pathology results from central factors whereas human outcomes of biophysiological, perceptive, cognitive and behavioral level may result from the progressive effects of these factors, including how natural/contrived systems of influence shape these into human outcomes.  A listing of these are provided here, however, the latest and most recent clinical document at the research artifact link page provides specifical analysis, information and the most recent version of this listing of factors.

The Central Factors in Pathology and of Priority in Diagnostics as well as Prevention, Intervention, Remediation and Reversal

  1. Choline and phospholipid pathway deficiency or genetic impairment within these pathways, along with resultant inflammation, expression of inducible nitric oxide synthase, uncoupled nitric oxide synthase activity by any version of nitric oxide synthase, inadequate Nitric Oxide including inadequate exercise resultant Nitric Oxide

  2. Emergence of Inducible-Nitric Oxide Synthase and Phospholipase mediated CA2+ and L-arginine Tunnel and Pump occurs when intracellular calcium is depleted by persistent Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase, impairing Store Operative CA2+ function, opening of a tunnel for iNOS supply of CA2+ and L-arginine from extracellular environment.  Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase and Neuronal Nitric Oxide Synthase become inactivated because they do not have Calmodulin pre-integrated and because they are sensitive to levels of CA2+ and do not function during CA2+ deficiency.

  3. Progressive degradation of DHA Synthesis resultant of choline and phospholipid deficiency, uncoupled nitric oxide synthase, inducible nitric oxide synthase, inhibited glycolycis/pentose-phosphate-pathway/Acetyl-CoA/Rubisco-Oxygenation-Carboxylation/Oxidative-Phosphorylation/Electron-Transport-Pathway and Omeg-6 pathway inhibition of DHA Synthesis.

  4. Uncoupled expression of nitric oxide synthases which produces intermediaries and reactive molecular species such as hydroxyl, oxygenic, nitrogenous, peroxynitrite, Fluoro and Chloro radicals, resultant of deficiency

  5. Persistent deficiency includes inadequate levels of whole food and organic vitamins, nutrients, as well as minerals which resultantly induces uncoupling of nitric oxide synthase and impair oxidation/reduction balances.

  6. Availability of Nitric Oxide becomes inadequate at intracellular, interstitial areas of the cellular Plasma Membrane and extracellular/vascular space. This impairs the ability of microbes to become degraded in the interstitial area and to become integrated into Histocompatability complex which present these within CD-4 and CD-8 receptors. Along with choline and phospholipid deficiency this impairs membrane characteristics and receptor efficiency, including lipid raft shifts required to receptor or ligand activation.  Similarly, DHA inadequacy within membrane phospholipids impairs the ability DHA to manage response to microbial proteins, particularly Lipopolysaccharide, resulting in hyperinflammation, cellular instability, and expression of a complete cytokine cascade. These potentially impair the ability to exhibit an efficient presentation of antigen, the histocompatibility complex integrated protein/microbe/enzyme/other to T-Cellular entities. Presentation of antigen is typically then followed by V(D)J recombination within the T- cellular entities to copy the antigen into its genome, egression to the thymus for proliferation as well as memory, and potential presentation of the antigen to B-cellular entities in lymphatic centers to produce a complete immunological synapse that completes when any of these leukocytes then interacts with the Cd-4 or CD-8 receptors in cytotoxic response.

  7. Expression of inducible nitric oxide synthase which is not inherently interactive and responsive to environment circumstance, making it susceptible to pathogenic commandeering and depletive to CA2+ in intracellular environment and pathogenic microenvironment

  8. Choline/phospholipid inadequacy causes inhibition of insulin and glucose absorption systemically, abrogated each cellular entities ability to produce its own insulin and metabolism of glucose, causing glucose to accumulate in circulatory pathways requiring pancreas/hepatic/renal tissue to become centers of Insulin production. Insulin growth factor, which enables regeneration of Islet B cellular entities, is transformed from pervasively available at low levels, to being response oriented and susceptible to pathogenic orientation.

  9. Systemic progressive shift of genetic transcription to inflammation histocompatibility, TNF-alpha, NF KB, Interleukin, Interferon, P53, Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase, cytokine expression, leukocyte cascade/infiltration, hyper/hypo erythropoiesis, 60+ percent reduction in NADPD/Nucleotides, persistent NAD+ depletion, susceptibility of P53 pathways to being overcome by pathogenic processes, as well as how these increase the influence of genetic and epigenetic anomaly upon biological phenotype

  10. Dominance of Omega-6 fatty acids in Western Nations’ nutrition along with Omega-6 pathway mediated abrogation of Omega-3 DHA/EPA synthesis, as well as deficiency in Omega-3 fatty acids, enabling promotion of systemic inflammation pathways without required inflammatory stimuli

  11. Emergence of Pathological Ubermarkers Homocysteine, Asymmetrical Dimethylarginine, Symmetrical Dimethylarginine, C-Reactive Protein, Trimethylamine-N-Oxide from ingesting choline/carnitine rich foods with less than optimal digestive pathway microflora which is remedied by Prebiotic/Probiotic/Antibiotic therapy, Methylglyoxal, Hyperoxaluria, L-Lactate, D-Lactate, L-Lactic Acid, D-Lactic Acid and Aerobic Glycolysis in tissue other than actively exercising muscle tissue. These factors change fluidic, membrane, systemic, PH, biosynthesis and other characteristics, as well as uncouple nitric oxide synthases.

  12. Oxidation of fatty acids and lipids, particularly DHA/EPA and other omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids

  13. Persistent P53 expression becomes a priority for circumvention by beneficial processes and pathogenic processes alike

  14. Exhibition of Aerobic Glycolysis which occurs when circumventing of P53’s Protective inhibition of Pentose Phosphate and Glycolysis pathway, exhibited because without choline these can produce detrimental differentiation, occurs because of its persistent exhibition, because beneficial development must occur, and from pathogenic processes

  15. Tissue density attrition, cellular hypertrophy, connective tissue degradation, and inflammation producing cytokine expression resultant of incipient deficient, constituting a transformation to cytokine and inflammation factor production principally to induce migration of cellular entities and material to assist in improving cellular density. Leukocyte synthesis, differentiation, migration, infiltration and inflammation result instead because adequate choline and phospholipids are required and are not adequately available

  16. Progressive impairment of genome, epigenome, transcriptome, intracellular phenotype and systemic phenotype

  17. Unabated aspects of these incipient pathology are central reasons oncology, leukaemic and lymphomic therapies might not be 100% successful.

  18. The emergence of diverse changes to biophysiology as progressive aspects of the incipient pathology emerges

  19. Resultant influences which induce dedifferentiation of biophysiology away from species specific genetic, epigenetic, transcription and phenotype

  20. Exhibition, in a timespan of years or minutes, the characteristics of multi organ systemic distress syndrome

  21. Exhibition of inducible nitric oxide synthase from choline and phospholipid deficiency becomes compounded by powerlines, power infrastructure, communications infrastructure, communications devices, electrical devices, magnetic fields, microwave influence and other influence

  22. Obtaining adequate choline and phospholipids in nutrition, particularly without DHA or inadequate DHA, resultants in abatement of the correlated expression of inducible nitric oxide synthase, but does not alleviate the environmental sources of inducible nitric oxide synthase expression. This makes inducible nitric oxide synthase expression consciously discernable and falsely associated with adequate levels of choline and phospholipid obtainment.  

  23. An aversion to obtaining choline and phospholipids tangentially occurs, resulting pervasive inclination to remove choline and phospholipids from processed or manufactured foods, as well as resulting in an aversion to health foods during early development which is a somewhat unique phenomenon in nature and perhaps the universes.

  24. After producing a dissociative psychosis that disconnects choline from phosphatidylcholine, systems of civilization then require use of systems to obtain the bases of the biophysiological, behavioral, social and human condition, although now cognitive linkage between choline and phospholipid pathway factors are assuredly confounded.   Even financial and other constructs exhibit artifacts, hue and patterns that resemble factors which are naturally rich in choline, phospholipoids and folates

  25. Humans then are inclined to participate in systems. They then incur circumstances, outcomes, artifacts, persistent influences, cognitive associations, motor function associations, as well as enculturative, psychological, patterning, social/emotional/economic/cultural/locational or other traps.  Humans then are provided access to artifacts which do not occur in nature which can be used or specifically produced to be utilized to impart detriment to each other.  Humans also incur locational and spatial patterns in events have occurred or which are similar to other occurrence. Similarly, humans incur outcomes that have occur before they may have emerged and have pervasively occurred after they may have incurred these outcomes or after they may no longer be.

  26. Humans are then exposed to circumstance of conducting span of being with resources adequate only until each instance of receiving periodic sustaining resources occurs, making decisions which enable sustained obtainment of such resources even when these require prioritization of organizations as well as prioritization of systems over humanity and over their own wellbeing.  Humans are induced to select against themselves, prioritizing sustainability of the organization over, for instance, pervasive instantaneous curative capabilities. Humans then are exposed regularly to factors which can change perception and places to obtain artifacts specifically produced to impart detriment to others among humanity. If humans are then humans do not know what to do with such factors and artifacts, there are plenty of enculturative processes and influences which provide such information.   Once such detrimental artifacts specifically produced to impart detriment to others among humanity are obtained by any one, then no one else feels secure unless they too have such artifact, resulting in pervasive détente in which accidents, changes in perception, cognition, or behavior, as well as traps of many variety occur, producing unproductive/detrimental outcomes. 

  27. Systems then are design to obtain economic, social, or organizational benefit when detrimental outcomes or beneficial productive outcomes occur.  Objectives which require a detrimental outcome or enable any third party, individual, organization or system to obtain benefit to such outcome, becomes participative in the emergence of such outcome. This is an observational paradox presented by Roemer. It is known that organizations affecting vital being, span of vital being, health, welfare and liberty, when requiring occupancy or detrimental outcomes to meet organizational objectives, causes an increase in occurrences of such detrimental outcomes correlative to capacity increases.  When there is not adequate population to produce a correlative occupancy increase or detrimental occurrence level of an increase in capacity in such systems, populations typical move to such locations and change biophysiological as well as behavioral outcomes accordingly. Thus, human populations may change to accommodate the requirements, objectives, and priorities of systems at quantum, genetic expression, phenotype, biophysiological, perception, cognitive and behavioral levels.

  28. Systems then may be utilized or shaped by any interest, intrinsic to the nation or extrinsic to such nation, including those influences emanated through location, distance, space and time aspects of inter-systems, to change the characteristics of population level psyche, behavior, adequacy of labor, qualified availability of populations for work activity, susceptibility to deprivation, and ability to obtain the bases of the social and human condition. International influences and organizations are allowed in many nations to affect the ability to produce and obtain the bases of the biophysiological, behavioral, social and human condition. Humanity is then caused to turn upon itself at the whim of an interest or influence controlling human outcomes locally or from afar.  These can result in the imposition of destabilization circumstances, scenarios, and outcomes which potentiate other detrimental outcomes, such that populations cannot ever consider those things most incipiently important and incipiently prioritized among all of humanity. 

  29. The internet, search engines, webistes with personal information, email addresses, websites that request precies communications contact information,  credit reports, advertising sent to these addresses, email address, phone, mailing addresses, etc, as well as associations produced in websites where detrimental, beneficial, or other information is exhibited, all then produce enhanced deterministic influencee which is able to be projected upon people in real-time. The result is that pervasively why someone is where the are, doing what they are doing, and experiencing the outcome which they are experiencing, may be most determined by information, associations, linkages, or the system type where such personal information may being managed. Often a review of these will provide substantial linkage in namesake, logical circumstance, location, or other information aobut an outcome which has affected someone.  Often, unless one is fortunate enough to have extricated themselves from unfortunate circumstances with their liberty and vital being intact, there is no way of observing how these factors have been integral, shaping, and determining influences to outcomes. Sometimes these associations become exhibited in obscure or ephemeral ways.

  30. Thus, human are pervasively not introduced to the fact that their behavior is produced by associations produced within them, cognitive artifacts introduced to them, and circumstances that potentiate detrimental outcomes around them.  They are not ever systematically taught that stimuli, influence and patterns are able to conjur within them associations, emotion, perception, cognitive artifacts and behavior that could be anything but themselves.  The detrimental cycles, patterns and circumstances are not ever remedied at their incipient precise causality, such that deterimental traps, behavior, artifacts which could impart detriment and other scenarios potentiating detrimental outcomes do not occur. Choline and other factors presented here as the basis of susceptibility are pervasively not provided even during health services interventions, such that biophysiological circumstance pervasively may be the incipient causality in detrimental behavioral outcomes.

  31. Because humans are not adequately enculturated with perspective that regardless of what happens, they will be okay, and that systems are pervasively designed for them to be okay, such that they see this occurring for others and themselves, and so that they might believe these, humanity has been caused conduct their span of being trying to obtain the most resources in the smallest amount of time, until they are not able to focus on those incipient, important human priorities, including assured health status and assured span of vital being. 

  32. Certainly, all that humans may achieve, beneficent, productive, unbeneficent or unproductive, may pervasively be the result of systems and how these interact with incipient biophysiological circumstance to produce outcomes among humanity.

  33. Resultant of Choline, Phospholipid, DHA deficiency as well as uncoupled and inducible nitric oxide synthase exhibition, P53 is induced, which inhibits the glycolysis and pentose phosphate pathway, as well as inhibits Glut enabled endocytosis of glucose, inhibits Insulin Receptor, and degrades pervasive expression of IGF-1 and FOXO by cellular entities. This transforms biophysiology by causing the accumulation of glucose in intracellular environment and extracellular environment, requiring pancreatic/hepatic/renal production of Insulin on behalf of much of biophysiology and requiring L-arginine metabolism and nitric oxide synthases as well as arginase activity allow vasodilatation to enable systemic distribution of insulin.  This also transforms the exhibition of IGF-1 and FOXO, which participate in systemic repair and regeneration, as well as induce regeneration of Pancreatic Islet B Cellular entities, to become systemically determined and phasic, such that a systemic level stimulation is required and a systemic level response is required to enable depletion of glucose, Insulin receptor activation, IFG-1 availability and FOXO activity to occur.  These may be considered the most incipient aspects of Multi Organ Systemic Distress syndrome. Adequate choline pathway factors result in a decrease of more than 50% of circulating glucose levels.

  34. Decreased levels of Estradiol production in male and female gender are participative influences in choline deficiency since Estradiol is required for balanced estrogen receptor utilization, produced principally in reproductive organs, is then transformed into estrone using 17beta-estradiol which participates in Beta Oxidation pathways essential to peroxisomal or mitochondrial DHA synthesis, as well as is required for phosphatidylethanolamine methyltransferase expression which is required for one of the branches of phosphatidylcholine synthesis that is associated with levels of DHA enriched phosphatidylcholine,  DHA Decosahexaenoic Acid and EPA, both abrogate pervasive inflammation association with chronic, progressive, operative, perioperative, sudden adverse, sudden demise, anaphylactic, or other less than optimal health events or outcomes.  

  35. More compellingly than can otherwise be presented, these clearly indicate that Mens Rea cannot be established in a human.  These also estalish that every productive characteristic exhibited by humanity living in community among one another, including hope, faith, activity toward an objective goal, participation in any activity in which success might not be assure, consideration of the universes or quantum or molecule level systems which cannot be plainly discerned, caring, providing service, trying again to achieve excellence after one has not succeeded, finding victory in every outcome in which human vital being has been able to persist, all require psychoses that are distant from the primal cognitionless circumstance inaccurately purported to be exhibited by humanity in its natural status when in actuality these psychoses are native to humanity, representing the incipient impetus for humanity to construct civilization and to conduct their span of being in community among oneanother.

  36. Similarly, it has been observed in these analyses that systems intervene the obtainment of choline and essential nutrients by placing requirements to such obtainment, including adequate financial resources, utilization of assistance programs, use of financial systems, and generally have more substantial integration into systems of civilization.  Together these confound the ability of biophysiology to produce empirical, simplistic or primal cognitive associations between choline pathway metabolites, omega-3 pathway metabolites, behavior to obtain these, sensory/perception capability to determine what factors have these most abundantly, as well as where and how to assure obtainment of these. The study presented here shows that impaired cognitive function, tranforms homocysteine at increased levels into a much more pathophysiological circumstance.  Homocysteine at increased levels was assocaited with increased age, male gender, single status, inadequate fish obtainment, lwo levels of tea obtainment, as well as being possitively correlated with alcohol and tobacco combustive use. These suggest clearly that tobacco combustive usage may be exhibited to augment niacin levels or reconstituted ephemeral excesses of Niacin from pyruvate pathway dynamics, with ethanol being potentiall exhibited for the same reason. Increased age and male gender have a biophysiological basis for increased level of homocysteine, Estradiol status and estrone status.  The consumption of less fish and less tea suggest inverted associations in which DHA obtainment through fish consumption would assist in alleviating inflammation, but is instead consumed a decreased levels. Similarly tea exhibits polyphenols and antioxidants which would participate in electron transfer processes essential to DHA, Nitric OXide Synthase, Beta Oxidation and other biophysiolgoical processes. Single status, which is typically associated with decreased span of being, seems to be an inversion of the inclination to be in relationships in which activity has a more profound feedback mechanism through close human proximity and interactivity. Adjustment of the research in this regard for food changes and vitamins obtained from foods each suggest that the interactivity of homocysteine levels and survival was strong or significant.

  37. The human mind is able to transform inverted associations and disjoint connects between biophysiology and factors exhibiting choline into outcomes that suggest somewhat conscious or less than conscious navigation of the biome, even though these are separated by innumerable confounding interactions between many different systems exhibited in civilization. Inserted into these disjoint, confounded, inverted, obscured and obfuscated systems are the objectives of systems in which individuals, entities, groups, organizations or systems benefit from the detrimental and beneficial outcomes of humanity. These outcomes, thus, are potentiated increasedly and upon demand produced by objectives and priorities within systems.  The detrimental outcomes, however, pervasively are able to be remediated, reversed or prevented.  The reference article in this regard is "Low and High Homocysteine are Associated with 'Demise' Independent of B Group Vitamins but Interactive with Cognitive Status in a Free-Living Elderly Cohort." in Nutrition Research Volume 32, Number 12. Pages 928 to 939." 

  38. The progression of phasic cycles of glucose acummulation in circulatory pathway, pancreatic/hepatic/renal expression of Insulin to enable glucose endocytosism followed by L-argnine vasodilitation and  Insulin/IGF-1/FOXO activity in individual cellular entities systemically, then expands progressively, instantaneously, or participative with other circumstances to become the systemic impairment which results in in the exhibition of metabolic alkalosis or metabolic acidosis

  39. The progression of alkalosis and metabolic acidosis to paralysis

  40. The progressive abrogation of the intracellular to extracellular polarity in tissue bases

  41. Macrophage, leukocyte, reactive molecular species and uncoupled nitric oxide synthases activity which results in exhibition of necrosis and apoptosis.

  42. Degradation of biological structure and neurological structure required to conduct, reconstruct or resume biophysiological rhythms.

  43. Degradation of somatic coherence, anatomy and the ability of choline and phospholipids to maintain DNA encapsulated within Lipid Membranes

  44. Inadequate choline and phospholipids, tissue attrition, use of refined nutrition factors which remove essential nutrients to induce psychosis and disassociation of biophysiological/perceptive/cognitive/behavioral sanguinity, as well as enculturation processes introduce strong interactivity of cellular entities and biophysiology with environment, natural systems and contrived systems

  45. The progressive circumstances resultant of this pathology represented as ubermarkers or pathophysiological indicators that change fluidic, structural, metabolic, and functional characteristics, as well as induce dedifferentiation of cellular entities

  46. Incipient pathology becomes augmented by perception, behavior, spatial and fields of influence otherwise

  47. Changes to perception, cognition and behavior, as well as shaping of these into outcomes which systems expect or with which systems might interact

  48. Each of these are preventable, intervenable and reversible

Factors cyclically interacting with central factors in pathology, shaping these into biophysiological, perceptive, cognitive, behavioral, care and social outcomes.


  1. Disassociation from others, inadequate social interactions

  2. Inadequate transportation

  3. Inadequate financial resources/bases of the social condition, or Bases of the Human Condition

  4. Fear from interactions with systems of civilization including sanctions

  5. Living at subsistence levels in which one missed pay period can induce destabilization

  6. Fear of detrimental behavior and détente produced by rampant exhibition of artifacts specifically designed to impart detriment to humans

  7. Social, Emotional and Psychological Detriment applied by others and systemically potentiated to oneself

  8. Behavioral, psychological, or psychiatric Conditions

  9. Victimization by systems which induce utilization as required through Roemer’s Law

  10. Communications, electrical, electromagnetic, devices and fields of influence

  11. Internet base Psychological overlay, victimization, and distress

  12. Abdication of personal effects, family associations, and ability to obtain productive employment

  13. Sanctions that prevent social participation, familial interactions and obtainment of employment

  14. Atmospheric Toxicity and environmental toxicity

  15. Use of automobiles specifically configured to emit high level detrimental sounds

  16. Unempirical health services and behavioral interventions that do not remediate incipient empirical bases

  17. Involution or dissipation of organs, tissues and structures resultant of choline deficiency

  18. Inadequate replenishment of cellular bases during typical function or therapeutic interventions

  19. Deficiency in essential minerals, vitamins or nutrients

  20. Inadequate Obtainment of Water or Inadequate access to clean Non-toxic water supplies

  21. Asymmetrical Dimethyl Arginine

  22. Symmetrical Dimethylarginine

  23. C-Reactive Protein

  24. L-Lactic Acid, L-Lactate

  25. D-Lactic Acid, D-Lactate

  26. Inadequate levels of weak Hydrochloric Acid because Hydrochloric Acid  is systemically decreased in its function as a Neurotransmitter by choline/phospholipid deficiency and the NKCC1 to KCC2 switch, also because Hydrochloric acid provides both H+ when dissociated and Cl- when dissociated which can balance PH and induce polarity disparity between intracellular and extracellular environment, promoting turgor as well as structural homoestasis, particularly when choline, phosphatidylcholine and DHA are available. Polarizaiton of biophysiology promotes gradients and polarity, and therefore intracellular/extracellular compartmentalization, capacitance, as well as rhythm.

  27. Impaired Pulmonary Characteristics

  28. Diabetic Conditions, insulin resistance

  29. Impairment of P53, PTEN, MDM2, PARP1, P300, CRB, Retinoblastema, HIF1

  30. Reliance upon organ specific compartmentalized expression as well as interactive and response oriented expression of IGF-1, Insulin, and VEGF

  31. Genetic Impairment

  32. Other Genetic Impairment particularly within Choline molecular/metabolic pathways

  33. Aerobic Glycolysis when exhibited in any other cellular bases except actively utilized muscle tissue.  This is discussed in the latest synopsis but not included in its version of this factors listing.  It will be included in a subsequent version.

  34. Impaired Strong Ion Balances particular of the factors in this listing and other factors that can circumstantially be promoted to be among the strong ionic indicators

  35. Impaired PH and PK resultant of Uncoupled Nitric Oxide Synthase in microenvironment and macroenvironment

  36. Susceptibilities resultant of Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase

  37. Uncoupled Expression of any Nitric Oxide Synthase

  38. Inadequate levels of Nitric Oxide

  39. Choline and phospholipid metabolite deficiency


Because systems of systems are principle determinants of perceptive, cognitive, behavioral, biophysiological, systemic, social and other outcomes, the AMEHSI organization focuses on how all of these center upon biophysiology. 

The research demonstrates that every human outcome, behavioral or biophysiological, has causality when less than optimal that are centered upon the interactions of systems of humanity to shape deficiency, metabolism, biophysiological structure, shelter status, nutrition, cultural environment, perception, cognition, behavior and biophysiology.  These link important concepts such as Roemer's Law and Choline and Phospholipid Pathways through myriad cyclic interactions that produce human outcomes.  

Although these vindicate all among Humanity, the do so most in requiring that systems of civilization be recognized as analytic and extractive information systems that may have emerged to benefit humanity pervasively and were unable to resolve detrimental outcomes which have occured among humanity because more understanding of the influences as well as causality was required.  If systems of civilization are managed toward beneficent objectives, with continuous feedback analysis, then ever increasing understanding of the empirical, most incipient causal influences to less than optimal outcomes is achievable. 

The nature of systems of any manner are utilized to describe how such empirical bases may have continued as undetermined, requiring humanity to participate for livelihood as well as causing characteristics of systems which might have otherwise advanced substantially in understanding and remedaition of incipient casuality to become impeded by quagmires. Quagmires may have caused humanity to become mired in complex of systems of civilization competing for influence over the flow of the human experienced with humanity persisting in circumstances which have not been resolved as well as becoming victims of such competion among systems of civilization.

The AMEHSI Organization provides a model of analysis that is able to demonstrate that every Human health status and behavioral outcome has a precise molecular basis that is shaped by other factors into human outcomes.  Each of these can be analyzed, mapped and remediated.   At this instance the AMEHSI Specification illustrates that if health services capabilities which are not only possible, but are commercially available, then no instance of human detrimental outcomes is preventable, reversible or able to be remediated. 

Systems of liberty require an impractical adherence to and endeavoring to the benefit of those among the nation and to humanity.  Systems or liberty require that they be applied in continous improvement of understanding, capabilities and beneficience. Systems of liberty otherwise conjure up in themselves and thier populations the unresolved bases of detrimental human outcomes forward and backward in time. 

Systems of Liberty, applied beneficently and emperically, vindicate all among humanity and provides the opportunity to transform all pathways of human outcomes toward the benefit of humanity.  Now, is always the best opportunity to transform any human outcome to the benefit of humanity.


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