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The AMEHSI Organization Provides Information About Empirical Research in Systems of Systems Analysis

Because systems of systems are principle determinants of perceptive, cognitive, behavioral, biophysiological, systemic, social and other outcomes, the AMEHSI organization focuses on how all of these center upon biophysiology. 

The research demonstrates that every human outcome, behavioral or biophysiological, has causality when less than optimal that are centered upon the interactions of systems of humanity to shape deficiency, metabolism, biophysiological structure, shelter status, nutrition, cultural environment, perception, cognition, behavior and biophysiology.  These link important concepts such as Roemer's Law and Choline and Phospholipid Pathways through myriad cyclic interactions that produce human outcomes.  

Although these vindicate all among Humanity, the do so most in requiring that systems of civilization be recognized as analytic and extractive information systems that may have emerged to benefit humanity pervasively and were unable to resolve detrimental outcomes which have occured among humanity because more understanding of the influences as well as causality was required.  If systems of civilization are managed toward beneficent objectives, with continuous feedback analysis, then ever increasing understanding of the empirical, most incipient causal influences to less than optimal outcomes is achievable. 

The nature of systems of any manner are utilized to describe how such empirical bases may have continued as undetermined, requiring humanity to participate for livelihood as well as causing characteristics of systems which might have otherwise advanced substantially in understanding and remedaition of incipient casuality to become impeded by quagmires. Quagmires may have caused humanity to become mired in complex of systems of civilization competing for influence over the flow of the human experienced with humanity persisting in circumstances which have not been resolved as well as becoming victims of such competion among systems of civilization.

The AMEHSI Organization provides a model of analysis that is able to demonstrate that every Human health status and behavioral outcome has a precise molecular basis that is shaped by other factors into human outcomes.  Each of these can be analyzed, mapped and remediated.   At this instance the AMEHSI Specification illustrates that if health services capabilities which are not only possible, but are commercially available, then no instance of human detrimental outcomes is preventable, reversible or able to be remediated. 

Systems of liberty require an impractical adherence to and endeavoring to the benefit of those among the nation and to humanity.  Systems or liberty require that they be applied in continous improvement of understanding, capabilities and beneficience. Systems of liberty otherwise conjure up in themselves and thier populations the unresolved bases of detrimental human outcomes forward and backward in time. 

Systems of Liberty, applied beneficently and emperically, vindicate all among humanity and provides the opportunity to transform all pathways of human outcomes toward the benefit of humanity.  Now, is always the best opportunity to transform any human outcome to the benefit of humanity.


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